Beef Burger 9.00
Beef burger, cheese, tomatoes & fresh salad leaves. Served with chips
Chemen Falafel Burger 8.50
Falafel, aubergine, mozzarella cheese, red capia pepper, hummus & tomatoes. Served with chips
Salmon 14.00
Salmon served with mix vegetables, spinach,sauteed potatoes. Served with salad & bread
Hamsi Tava (Anchovy) 12.00
Hamsi prepared with corn flour & spices. Served with onion salad & tortilla bread
Sea Bream (Cupra) 14.00
Sea bass served with pan-friedmixed vegetables, sauteed potato. Served with salad & bread
Sea Bass (Levrek) 14.00
Sea bass served with pan-fried mixed vegetables, sauteed potato. Served with salad & bread
Mixed Grill (For 3 Person) 45.00
Selection of lamb, chicken, adana,chicken wings,lamb ribs. Served with rice, salad, chilli, hummus & cacik dip
Mixed Grill (For 2 Person) 35.00
Selection of lamb, chicken, adana,chicken wings. Served with rice, salad, chilli,hummus & cacik dip
Aubergine Kebab (Patlican Kebab) 15.00
Sliced aubergine with spicy minced meat char-grilled. Served with rice & salad
Chicken Sish Kebab 13.00
Marinated cubes of tender chicken grilled on charcoal. Served with rice & salad
Chicken Wings 12.00
Chargrilled chicken wings.Served with rice & salad
Lamb Ribs 14.00
Chargrilled tender lamb ribs. Served with rice & salad
Adana Kebab 14.00
Spicy minced lamb grilled on charcoal. Served with rice & salad
Lamb Sish Kebab 15.00
Marinated cubes of lamb grilled on charcoal.Served with rice & salad
Meze & Starters
Sweet Potato Fries 5.50
Curly Fries 3.80
Chips 3.50
Lamb Liver (Arnavut Cigeri) 9.00
Lamb liver, herbs, flour, spices, onion, garnish with tortilla
Fried Calamari 6.50
Deep fried calamari served with dip (4 pieces)
Garlic Sausage (Sucuk) 6.50
Grilled Turkish garlic sausage with bread (4 pieces)
Halloumi Grill 5.50
Grilled halloumi cheese with bread (4 pieces)
Pastry Roll (Sigara Boregi) 5.00
Deep fried filo pastry cheese (8 pieces)
Spicy Red Chilli Pepper 6.50
Roasted red pepper, garlic, spices, butter,feta cheese, parsley with bread
Feta Cheese 5.00
Olives 5.00
Garlic Mushroom 6.50
Mushrooms, garlic, spices, butter, feta cheese, parsley with bread
Spiced Baby Potatoes 6.00
Baby potatoes, baby spinach, garlic, butter, parsley & spices
Shakshuka 6.50
Aubergine, red and green peppers,celery, courgettes, tomato sauce with bread
Stuffed Vine Leaves 6.00
Vine leaves stuffed with rice, onions, tomato sauce & parsley (8 pieces)
Falafel 6.00
Deep fried vegetable balls prepared with chickpeas, broad beans, onions, peppers, parsley, garlic with hummus (3 pieces)
Kisir 5.00
Fine wheat(Bulgur) with mixed parsley, onion,fresh mint, fresh dill, herbes.Served with pomegranate sauce
Hummus 5.00
Pureed chickpeas, tahini, garlic, olive oil with bread
Cacik 5.00
Yoghurt with cucumber, mint, dill, garlic & olive oil
Vegetarian Pide 9.00
Flat bread topped with cheese, fresh pepper, tomato, onions, mushroom & spinach
Spinach Pide (Ispanakli) 9.00
Flatbread topped with spinach, onions & cheese
Minced Lamb Pide (Kiymali) 10.00
Flatbread topped with minced lamb meat
Lamb Pide (Kusbasili) 12.00
Flatbread topped with lamb meat
Cheese Pide (Kasarli) 8.00
Flatbread topped with mozzarella cheese
Lahmacun 3.50
Turkish flatbread topped with minced lamb, parsley & peppers, served with salad
Chicken Salad 8.00
Chicken, avocado,red cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, mixed salad leaves & salad sauce
Halloumi Salad 7.50
Halloumi, avocado, red cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, mixed salad leaves & salad sauce
Greek Salad 6.50
Feta cheese, lettuce,red cabbage,tomatoes, cucumber, mixed salad leaves, olive & salad sauce
Ezme Salad 5.00
Finely chopped tomatoes, onions, green peppers, parsley with olive oil
Coban Salad 5.00
Finely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, mint & parsley with salad dressing
Set Mezes
Set 3 Meze 16.00
For 2 People) Sigara boregi (pastry roll), shakshuka, hummus, halloumi, spiced baby potatoes, fried calamari & stuffed vine leaves
Set 2 Meze 15.00
(For 2 People)Garlic mushroom, shakshuka, hummus, halloumi, kisir, cacik & stuffed vine leaves
Set 1 Meze 12.00
(For 1 Person) Kisir, hummus, cacik, falafel & stuffed vine leaves
Kelle Paca 7.00
Soup of the Day 6
(Please ask for today’s special)
Traditional Cooking
Sac Kavurma 13.00
Cubed lamb cooked in a very thin pan with peppers, onions & herbs. Served with rice &salad
Lamb Saute 13.00
Deep pan fried diced lamb woth tomatoes, onions,mix peppers, mushrooms. Served with rice
Chicken Saute 11.00
Deep pan fried diced chicken with tomatoes, onions,mix peppers & mushrooms.Served with rice
Karniyarik 10.00
Stuffed aubergine, with minced meat, onions, garlic,tomatoes. Served with rice
Chickpea Saute 10.00
Chickpeas, onions, red capia &charleston pepper, mushrooms, garlic,tomatoes,spices with rice & bread
Sebze Kizartma 10.00
Aubergine, courgatte, mushroom, red capia & charleston pepper,tomato sauce with garlic yoghurt & bread
Falafel & Halloumi Grill 10.00
Falafel, halloumi, salad, rice, hummus & bread
Halloumi Tava 10.00
Grilled halloumi with pan fried mixed pepper, carrots, courgette, tomato & baby potato
Veggie Guvec 10.00
Pan fried baby potato, green pepper, green beans, tomato, aubergine, courgette, garlic. Served with rice & garlic yoghurt sauce
Lamb Sish Wrap 8.00
Lamb, mixed salad with hummus
Chicken Sish Wrap 8.00
Chicken, mixed salad with hummus
Adana Sish Wrap 8.00
Minced kofte, mixed salad with hummus
Falafel Wrap 7.00
Falafel, hummus, mixed salad with olives
Halloumi Wrap 7.00
Halloumi, hummus, mixed salad with olives
Falafel & Halloumi Wrap 8.00
Falafel, halloumi, hummus mixed salad with olives